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Automatic sand blaster
Advanced plotting devices would like to introduce an auto blaster specifically for the monument industry. Please refer to the following specifications and feel free to consult with our engineer for any changes you want to make. This auto blaster is designed to run in self contained blasting booths minimizing noise and allowing no dust to escape. read more
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Standard features

  • Blowing winder: up to 8’ high and 12’ wide, machine will be completely fitted inside to either your existing or new booth
  • Recommendation: build the booth as big as you can to take advantage of our machine’s capability of blasting multiple stones
  • Single or dual blasting nozzle selectable vertically mounted; with dual nozzle configuration, distance between nozzles can be adjusted between 1” to 3”
  • Laser pointer to set blowing area; this feature allows the machine to only blast where it needs to be blasted
  • Unlimited number of blasting boxes per stone, each box can have different settings like blowing speed, circular motion radius, center offset, scan line separation, number of passes, etc.
  • Unlimited number of stones can be blasted per setup only limited by room size and sand pot
  • Automatic air valve control for each nozzle; auto on when start blowing, auto off when finish blowing, and auto off when the machine encounters any errors
  • Operation can be paused and resumed at any time, particularly if sand is running low or sand is wet
  • USB, RS232, wire or wireless network communication with PC
  • User friendly interface
  • Remote control with 10 keys and 4x20 LED display
  • Hundreds of custom parameter settings for different type of stone
  • Frame construction: 90mm x 90mm heavy duty aluminum extrusion
  • Up to 4’ by 8’ plexiglass with protecting steel screen
  • X and Y axis travel on 20mm round rils with 4 wheels on each axis; wheel is steel and easy to be replaced
  • Heavy duty worm gearbox 20:1 ratio
  • Belt driven X and Y axis with L series, 1” wide, steel core belt
  • Dual processor closed loop servo controller
  • Servo motor: 500W, 72VDC
  • On board memory: 2MB with automatic data compression
  • Power supply: 72VDC, 100W for servo motor

Power Requirement

  • Single phase 20AMP @115VAC or 10AMP @230VAC configurable
  • 20AMP, 230VAC on/off switch to be mounted at the booth

Computer/Software requirement

  • Either desktop or laptop (Desktop preferable) windows 10 with minimum of 4GB of Ram
  • Ana Blast Software is included with machine

Installation and Training

Estimated between 4-6 days on site installation and training


  • 1 year part and labor
  • Extended warranty available

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