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Flatbed monument cutter
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Advanced Plotting Devices would like to introduce our Monument Flatbed Stencil Cutter built specifically for the monument industry. Please refer to the following specifications and feel free to consult with our engineer for any changes you want to make. This stencil cutter works with virtually any software and uses up every inch of your stencil saving you money!

Standard features:

  • Max Cutting window: 31" x 60" table
  • Max Cutting speed: 23.2 ips
  • Acceleration: 1G's
  • Maximum Material Width: 33"
  • Overall Dimensions: 43" x 78" x 41"
  • Maximum Material Thickness 0.150"
  • Cutting Force: 30-500 grams in 2 grams increment
  • Mechanical Accuracy: 0.001"
  • Configuration: Closed Loop Digital Servo System
  • Repeatability: 0.004"
  • User Control: 20 x 4 LCD with back light and 9 hot keys
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Buffer: 2M with Auto Data Compression
  • Vacuum hold down with 1/2HP vacuum pump

Power Requirement:

  • Power input: 10A @ 115V or 5A @ 230V

Computer/Software requirement:

  • Software Accuracy: 0.0001 in X and 0.0001 in Y
  • Software Language Driver: Compatible with all graphics software using
  • HPGL format


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