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I have been using an ADP Plotter for a few years now. It never lets you down and their customer support is second to none.
Fredo Vega, a happy customer

Thank you for making such good equipment that has helped our company over the past decade. May God bless both of you in the coming New Year. Thanks again.
John Dioguardi

Reliable Plotter! Great Service!
A happy customer

I have always been pleased with my flatbed plotter since I have had it and now Viet has upgraded it to run even better than before. I would highly recommend ADP and Viet to anyone interested in getting a flatbed!
Melissa, Hope Heaven Mable and Granite

We got our APD flatbed plotter in 2012 and it has been a workhorse for us ever since. It performs much better than the roller drum-type plotter that we used before. We don’t have as much wasted stencil now and we don’t have to pay for the munch holes on the stencil anymore.

As with any machine that gets worked 5 days a week, there are few maintenance issues from time to time, but Viet Lee has always been available on short notice to help us resolve the problem. We paid for the maintenance agreement a couple of years ago and Viet has been to our place of business twice during that time to make sure our plotter was working in peek form. All in all, I am very happy with our APD plotter. It is working as well for us today as when it was brand new!!!”
Perry Giles, CM, Giles Monument Company

March 3, 2018, Viet came to our office and did a total change out of parts for our flatbed plotter. He was here that morning before we were! Viet and his helper wasted no time in changing out old parts with new ones. He went over all changes with me and made sure I understood what he had done. He even drove back after leaving when I called him about an issue that arose. Viet has taken very good care of our plotter and we couldn’t ask for more from him and his company. I am so thankful that we bought our flatbed plotter from him and have Viet as a technician. I really appreciate how we went beyond the call for Sadler & Son Monument Works.
Douglas Sadleer- Design Technician-Sandler & Son Momument Works, CO.

Coming from a company that has hand blasted and chiseled memorials for over 100 years, we were reluctant to try an automatic sandblaster. For as much business as we do, we only have a few employees, so we couldn’t afford an automatic that would slow down production.

However, when we saw the Advanced Plotting Device’s Anablaster, we were taken back. The movements music hand blasting to a T, and the ability to set multiple, tight windows cuts blasting time nearly in half. My favorite feature of the Anablaster is the ability to set it and forget it. This important to me as most of the summer I am the only one in the shop. However with the advanced engineering of the Analaster I can be working on other stones in the shop, or outside helping customers and meanwhile, our blaster is running all day long. Another concern we had about getting an automatic blaster was any breakdowns/problems that might occur, not to mention the time it would take to install. However every step along with the system. Then about a year into owning the Anablaster I put a call into Viet about the fact it wasn’t quite running smoothly one Friday morning. Viet and his crew were here by Monday, gave her a quick cleaning, and had it running like new before lunch. They really understand how important even a few hours are to our operation.

Overall we’re thrilled with our Anablaster. Our sales office is busier than ever, but the Anablaster has our shop all caught up. I would recommend it to any monument company that is looking to get an automatic that will cut blasting time.
Ben Ackerman, Nevada Monument Company

The autoblast machine is a great tool and has increased production tremendously, working with Viet ass been a great pleasure. He is fast and efficient I would recommend this Blast Machine to all Monument shops Regards
Dan Owens McCall - Monument Newton, IA

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